czwartek, 30 maja 2013

i don't belong to anyone

k, so i'm fucking confused lately. i really don't know what's going on with my life. i have a huge huge huge mess in my poor head. so i did something i'm pretty good at. i just run away for few days. i left Warsaw yesterday and now i'm at the countryside with my friend. we're staying at my parents' lovely cottage. i wish i could stay there forever and just pretend that nothing ever happend. sucks to be me, yeah.

some old pics of me and Pata <3

Marina and the diamonds - Homewrecker

czwartek, 23 maja 2013

blah blah blah

recenlty i'm not feeling well. it's probably because of the weather. in this week the weather in Poland is acting kinda crazy. at first it's really hot and sunny and suddenly it's becoming to rain. my head can't stand it any longer. i have a terrible headaches every day. 
but enough complaining. i'm preparing a party. me and my friends are gonna celebrate end of the exams. yeah, they finally end. i'm free! :3
i don't have any new photos so i'm gonna add something else

i want this soooo muuuch! on my  ribs at the left side. aaah, i need money. :<

czwartek, 16 maja 2013

Got different people inside my head

i'm totally exhausted. but i have only two more exams and then i will be free for next 4 months. what a relief! on monday and today i was having an oral exams, one from english and the other one from polish. i did my best in both of them and i'm very satisfied.
yesterday, i was at Pigeon's house. yeah, again. ;p i was practicing my speech for today. and Pigeon made me a cup of delicious hot chocolate. oh god, this girl is just too good for me. >3< btw, check out her blog -->

Marina and the diamonds - Fear and loathing 

poniedziałek, 13 maja 2013

Versatile blogger award

so, i was nominated to ''Versatile blogger award'' by Ellie (hers awesome blog!). thank you a lot Ellie. :3 i didn't expect that. i didn't even know that something like this exists ;p but now, i'm aware so here we go!

1. Thank the person who gave you this award!
2. Include a link to this person's blog - t's in the beggining ;)
3. Now select 15 blogs to nominate to this award
4. Tell 7 things about yourself to person who nominated you and everyone else who read your blog!

Seven facts about me
1. at one time, my favourite band was Tokio Hotel. yeah, i know. ;p they might suck to you but i really appreciate them. especially their lyrics, which mean a lot to me.
2. i love coconut flavour. in everything! sweets, chocolate, alcohol and so on.
3. i was obssesed with Gossip Girl series. i was watching it all the time and i was waiting for a new set to release. like a freak. ;p i think that i like it mostly because of my favourite character - Blair Waldorf. she's amazing. so self-confident and !@#$%^&*. i love her attitude.
4. when i was at primary school, me and Pigeon was in a "band". we called it Jishnu after little red panda.
5. singing is an activity which makes me happy. but i'm too shy to sing in public. i don't even sing in front of my friends. i wish i was more gifted.
6. i have a tongue piercing and a traugus in right ear and tunnels in both ears. and three more 'holes' in left ear. and i'm planning to do a belly button piercing.
7. and finally, the last one. the most important for me. i'm madly in love with someone, who doesn't love me back. it makes me feel like a crap everytime i think about it. it's difficult situation. at least for me. and i feel really hurt. and my tiny, poor heart is broken. yeah...

Blogs nominated by me

sobota, 11 maja 2013

I guess you could say that my life’s a mess, but i’m still looking pretty in this dress

ah, this post will be just a big mix of everything, i guess. my mood, which usually behaves like a huge roller coaster, seems to slow down now. i might even say that i'm happy. it is probably because of the yesterday and because of the night. both of them were great. yesterday, in the afternoon i went shopping with Pigeon (hers blog) and then i was staying at her house. we were having a sleepover. sleepovers at her house are always great! oh, i really love spending time there. so, we bought a huge bottle of red wine for ourselves and some food, of course. we were having an awesome time, drinking, eating, singing Marina's songs, playing pick-a-stick (which was pretty funny 'cause we were a little drunk). we also played truth or dare. Pigeon is good at it, but i actually suck. and we phoned my friend at night. this guy is awesome (yeah, i already wrote about him). we had a really nice talk. :3
oh, i almost forget! we also went to a new bar in our neighbourhood. it's called 'Get Green!' and, as you already could guess, only healthy stuff is served there. i took a delicious smoothie named 'blueberry kiss' and Pigeon took something with banana. we ate strawberry tart with cream made of withe chocolate and mascarpone cheese. oh god, evertyhing was so tasty that we're going there soon again. ;p

środa, 8 maja 2013

you can count on me to misbehave

what's for now? um, two exams are behind me. i did pretty good at the first one (at least i hope so). but today was worse. oh, how i hate math!
i'm tired, i don't sleep much. everything connected with school should come to an end so i'll have less to worry about. but to be honest, i have only one thing to worry about and it lasts for months. i wish i just could forget everything and start all over. but it would be too easy and life doesn't like being easy. ;)

some photos from yesterday

lately, i'm obsessed with Marina's music. it fills me with some optimistic feelings.
Marina and the diamonds - Primadonna
Marina and the diamonds - How to be a heartbreaker
Marina and the diamonds - Power&control

poniedziałek, 6 maja 2013

nothing lasts forever and we both know hearts can change

happiness doesn't last long. it usually disappears in a blink of an eye.
me and my boyfriend split up. same old story.
yesterday was a party at my friend's house. i did a lot of stupid things, as always. i can't say that there were mistakes 'cause people could make a mistake once. each next time is our conscious choice. funny, what fools can love make from ourselves.

i remember that dawn
when you stand up
and promised
you’d never come back
you took my breath
my blood turned into
an amaranth
it was like a
judgement imposed
into our love
i felt like i was
hounted by a
black hound
This beast led
Me straight to
The abyss
You made it feel
Like a funeral.
Funeral of my heart.
You led these feelings
To destruction.
I’m enslaved
To You.
[one of my "poems"]

yeah, it's all in my head.

środa, 1 maja 2013

swing life away

pretty nice day. i was sleeping till 12 o'clock ;p then my bf come around. we went to the Subway. ach, i ate a delicious cookie with double chocolate and drank a cup of coffee, also with chocolate. ;p and we went for a walk. it was lovely. talking, sitting next to a fountain and then sitting on a bench. in the evening we were eating jellies and playing Tomb Raider, which is my favourtie game ;p very simple day but it gave me a little dose of happiness.

Rise Against - Swing life away