piątek, 30 sierpnia 2013

hot monkey, hot ass, cold beer, no class

You know that movie "Unmade beds"? I watched it lately. the story was saaad. Oh, poor Alex who's looking for his father and poor Vera who's looking for real feelings and someone matched to her, i guess. Beyond the story, there was also a good music in background. Two songs are stuck in my head. One of them is THAT meaningless that it just makes a new sense to me. xD (Hot monkey!) You know that feeling? And the second one is very similiar to my first meating with one boy. (Hello)
And another thing i loved in "Unmade beds" was that every single person there was BEAUTIFUL. ah, i recommend it to every dreamer and every romantic soul.

And now some photos. (It was supposed to be a post only with photos, but i titled it in that way and just MUST write a little about movie, sooorryyy!)

~ bye bye

czwartek, 29 sierpnia 2013

Peter Pan in my heart

Some days I feel I'd rather be a little girl than a grown up teenager who's going to study at the university soon. Life used be easier and more beautiful back then, and the whole world was a better place, without any violence, sadness, ugliness and so on. So, on the days like that, I just back to those times by playing on playgrounds I used to go at age of 5 or 6. And it is still the same fun as then! Especially with good friends. Check out me and Pigeon having fun, hihi!

poniedziałek, 26 sierpnia 2013

pretty little goodies

Hi guys! I'd like to show you some things i own.

I received this small notebook from Pigeon. She bought it for me at her journey to Belgium. The cover is lovely, at least in my opinion. At first i was so scared to write anything in it, because i was worried that I would ruin it with my awful handwriting. And I also didn't know what to write there. But finally I decided to put my own thoughts and favourite fragments of lyrics in it. Take a look:

This thing i also received from Pigeon. It is the most adorable package for tissues I've ever seen. I won't use any hankie because they are too lovely!

Two notebooks I bought for myself. No need to explain, just look at the inscriptions. ;p

And postcards with photos of Freddie Mercury and Bob Marley, Warhol's style. This with Marley is from my grandma and the other one I bought on my own.

I enjoy surrounding myself with stuffs like these above. I'm sure that my future house will be full of such thingies.

~ Yaaaay!

niedziela, 25 sierpnia 2013

We can be heroes, just for one day

oh god, i'm terribly exhausted! I spent the night at Pigeon's place. Again! I was sleeping there for the third time since i'm back to Warsaw. I almost feel like i'm living there, which will be awesome. Really, that girl is one of the bunch of people who i can spend my whole time with and i never get bored. You know, i call this REAL friendship 'cause i can lay on her bed/floor or sit at pouf and look through everything in her room, for example, books, cd-s, games, drawings, clothes (i do love her wardrobe and its content!) and in that time she can do her things. We are comfortable with each other, which is the most important thing between two people in every kind of relation. "That's when you know you've found somebody special. When you can just shut the !@#$%^&* up for a minute and comfortably enjoy the silence.", like Mia from Pulp fiction said. And Pigeon is one of those people whom i can just say "hey, i'm hungry, feed me!" and she won't get offended. She just prepare me a tasty meal. You know, it is really important for me 'cause i love eating, hehe!


ha, i was supposed to post my outfits today, but finally i've decided that they'll appear later. ;>

keep warm, people!

piątek, 23 sierpnia 2013


hello guys! i'm back from 2-weeks lasting trip. i was at the seaside, in my favourite country town. it is really quiet and peaceful, you know, just perfect place for someone like me. um, am i better after that break? not really no, but i'm still working on it. i try going out as much as i can. i barely spend time at home lately, which is a good way to cure depression, i think. i just can focus on many other things and "go outside my head". i also exercise a lot, like bike riding, outside gym etc. i needed to do something for my health and body finally!

ok, lets leave the general things. i wanna write about my latest obssesion. i got addicted to Lana del Rey's songs. ;____; at the begging of her career, i thought that she's ugly and not that talented. but i fell in love with few of her songs. that explains the title of this post, which is Lana's song title. the lyrics may be not "deep" but i can relate to some of them. and Lana has really calm, interesting and beauty voice. i listen to her when i wanna calm down or when i'm really sad.

just look at her!

and favourite songs

Young and beautiful
Summertime sadness
Blue jeans
Video games